Loznicka street number 11. A cosy place in Vracar municipality. Very well known among easy going people. Sunny mornings and afternoon shade in spacious courtyard. Coffees, teas, juices, cakes, ice-creams and everything else. Absolutely relaxing. Pet friendly.

Great selection of delicious wines and several types of special domestic brandies. Rakija of course. You have heard of it for sure. The source of a hypnotic smell. Tastes of plum, quince, raspberry, apricot, pear and many more. Warmly recommended for all seasons and all kinds of mood. You can get it without a prescription as the best remedy for soul. Tradition that has lasted for centuries. Don’t You see how great we are?

Beats goes on faster by evenings. True masters spin all genres of popular music. Very groovy. Tasty pieces of food show up in front of you. Just like that. You don’t even have to pay for it. Do You believe? If not yet you should take another gulp.

The place is suitable for corporative parties and other sorts of gatherings up to 400 people.

Vlada Jokanović